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Welcome to My Blog: Navigating Healthcare Innovation

Surviving the Challenges of Early & Growth Stage Start-ups

Hello, and welcome! I’m Mary Ellen Beliveau. With a robust foundation in both healthcare digital product leadership and workforce development innovation, I've created this platform to share the wealth of lessons learned from over two decades in these fields. My aim is to help other professionals navigate the complexities and opportunities within the healthcare and workforce development sectors more effectively.

Throughout my career, including significant roles such as the Founder & CEO of Knowledge to Practice and as a board member at Johns Hopkins, I’ve been deeply involved in innovating healthcare and transforming continuous professional development through the integration of strategic curriculum design and learner experience platform (LxP) design.

My experience spans from raising venture capital for a med-ed tech startup to spearheading national rollout strategies for groundbreaking medical technologies. This journey has endowed me with unique insights into the market dynamics and operational strategies essential for thriving in this space.

This blog is designed to offer not just lessons from my journey but also actionable insights through literature searches, executive summaries, and direct links to valuable resources—tools that busy professionals might not have the time to find on their own.

I also recognize the power of community in learning and growth. Thus, I invite you to suggest topics or challenges you’d like to explore together. Whether it's discussing the latest in digital health innovations or strategies for organizational transformation in healthcare, your input is invaluable.

Join me as we delve into discussions that aim to refine our skills and enhance our strategic outlook in healthcare innovation.

Looking forward to growing together,


Mary Ellen


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