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Knowledge to Practice (K2P)

At Knowledge to Practice, we're filling gaps, sharing lessons learned, and driving strategic growth. Our forte lies at the intersection of healthcare, digital product innovation, and educational technology. We specialize in tailoring expertise to fit the specific needs of each project, ensuring precision and high performance in all our initiatives.

Our Commitment

At Knowledge to Practice, we commit to driving innovation and excellence in everything we do. We believe that the best learning happens in context and tailored to individual needs. Our approach not only elevates the capabilities of healthcare professionals but also optimizes organizational outcomes across the board.


Join us as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in professional development, creating impactful learning experiences that are as dynamic and progressive as the fields we serve.


Mary Ellen Beliveau - Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO

As Founder and CEO, Mary Ellen Beliveau brings over two decades of executive experience to Knowledge to Practice. Her background includes transformative leadership roles and innovation at major institutions such as the Johns Hopkins Medicine, American College of Cardiology, Mayo Clinic, Stanford Medicine, BlueCross BlueShield, HCA, Deloitte Saudi-Arabia, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, UPMC, Advocate, Mt Sinai, UConn Health, Wellstar, Emory, and Intermountain Healthcare to name a few. where she spearheaded significant shifts towards data -driven, product-centric business models. This extensive experience is underpinned by a profound grasp of strategic product vision, end-to-end product development, and cross-functional team leadership.

Mary Ellen's commitment to innovation is demonstrated through her pivotal role in the transition of K2P to a sophisticated SaaS business framework. Under her leadership, K2P introduced the Med-Ed sector's first-ever Learning Experience Platform (LXP), achieving an impressive 95% year-over-year retention rate and establishing a new paradigm in healthcare


Why K2P was Reimagined


In her dual role as an entrepreneur and intrapreneur, Mary Ellen recognized the essential nature of core executive skills that are vital yet not always justifiable as full-time positions within emerging companies. This insight led to the creation of K2P as it stands today—a platform that not only supports the development of these crucial competencies but does so within the working environment, rather than in isolated coaching sessions.


The concept of fractional executives is at the heart of K2P. This model provides CEOs and their teams the space and confidence to focus on strategic goals while ensuring that their operational capacities are not just supported, but enhanced. K2P facilitates this by integrating development directly into the fabric of team dynamics, fostering growth and operational excellence collectively.

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